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1020 - Crash In My Head [CD] (1999)-'Resident-
1000 Clowns - Freelance Bubblehead (1999)Cappuccino
101 feat. Marvelous D & Sandra Olajide - Why Don't You Stay (1998) CD-Flacpredato-lain
101 feat. Marvelous - NoNo YeahYeah [CDS] (2000)bobruslan
90 Lovers - I Know You Got Soul [Vinyl 1990] [CDM 1998]bobruslan
4 The Cause [Album, Singles]2x-Krazy
2Pac - Letter 2 My Unborn (2001)brother_bear_k
2Fast 4You - Life Is Going On (1997) [track]Schwarzenegger
2 Young [2 CDM] (1996-98)predato-lain
2 Tribes - Kings & Queens Of the World [CDS] (2000)bobruslan
2 Together - I Need A Party [CDM] (2003) fancyi
2 Some - Feel For You [CD] (1998)blain mono
2 Shy - No Reason No Rhyme (1998) [track]fancyi
2 Much - Zoom Zoom [CDM] (1999) Un-dee (aka Fedja)                     
2 J.P Jally Jal Project - Day Of Pain (Single Edit)SLAVA_LIL
2 Enough - Gimme Love [CD] (1998) + track unrlsdpredato-lain
2 C & C - Life Is A Fight [track]-'Resident-
2 Brothers On The 4th Floor [Singles]brother_bear_k
2 4 Love - Ti Amo (2000) [CDM]bobruslan
A+ - Enjoy Yourself [CDM] (1998)predato-lain
a-Connection - Decision [track]Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Ace Of Spade - Cash Money [CD] (1998) (ITUNES)fancyi
Acido feat. Bryan Sanders - Di Da Di Dam (Afrikaan Beat) [CDM] (1999)Dad75
Admirers feat. Killer & Ayman - Come Into My Life (1998)predato-lain
Agent Five - Hawaii 5.0 [track]-'Resident-
Alcatraz - Heart Of Stone [CDM] (1998)Schwarzenegger
Alex PrinceQ-map
Alive! - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me [CDM] (2000)bobruslan
All Saints - Bootie Call [track] (1998)alexoid
Allniters - The Story Of My Life [CDM] (1998)fancyi
Anjali & Preshuz T. - Rhythm Is My Life [CDM] (1997)bobruslan
Armada - Aranjuez (En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor) [CD] (1998)Cappuccino
Artists Together For Kosovo - Together [CDS] (1999)bobruslan
Ato feat. Dacia - Call Me [CDM] (1997)jeyz
Awesome - Rumours [CDM] (1998)bobruslan
B-Nice - Down Town (Itunes) [EP] (2000)fancyi
B-Nice - Everybody Wants To Be Your Man [CD] (2000)fancyi
B-Tuff - The Box Song [CDM] (1998)bobruslan
B-Zar - Do Me Right [CD] (1997)Lex
B & CO (Bunny & Company) SLAVA_LIL
B.B. Jerome And The Bang Gang - 99 BPM [track] (1991)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Babykool - Irresistible (1998)predato-lain
Backbeat - Better Love Next Time [CDM] (1999)Cappuccino
Beat Injection - So Long Goodbye [track]-'Resident-
Beat System - What's Going On (In Your Mind) [CDM] (1997)DimasSayf
Beatproduction - Shake Your Body [CDM] (1999)2x-Krazy
Benz - Urban City Girl [Promo VLS] (1995)-'Resident-
Bernard Greene aka B.G. The Prince Of Rap-'Resident-
Big Brovaz - Favourite Things [CDM] (2003)-'Resident-
Big Key - I Want To Know [track]-'Resident-
Billy Bear feat. Darrel Bell - Careless Whisper (1998)predato-lain
Black Bone - Another Day In Paradise [CDM] (2000)Lex
Black MachineCappuccino
Black Man - You Talk Me [CDM] (1998)-'Resident-
Black Power [Discography]predato-lain
Black Rain feat. JoJo - Money Man [CDM + RMX]bobruslan
Black Spaghetti - Don't Take My Love Away (1997)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Black Sugar Magic - I Wanna Know [CDM] (1997)bobruslan
Blackdraft - Where Is Your Dream [CDM] (1997)bobruslan
Blackvogue Soundsystemulishustr
Blazin Squad - The Best Of Blazin' Squad (2012)Cappuccino
Blazin' Squad feat. Kool & The Gang - Joanna [track]alexoid
Blue Tribe [Discography]Cappuccino
Bosss - She Was Crying [CDM] (1998)alex74com
Boxers - The Boxer [CDM] (1999)PEA
Boy & She - It's My Life [CDM] (2000)alex74com
Brad Davis feat. Master Freez - Listen To The Music, Please [CDM]bobruslan
Brandon - Do It [Album] (2002)Q-map
Brothaz By ChoiceSchwarzenegger
Bryan Sanders - Bryan Sanders: I [Album] (2002)Cappuccino
Bryan Sanders feat. Nataly Dorra - Imagine The Kiss [CDM] (2001)Cappuccino
Bu Bu Man - Hotel California [track] (1998)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Bus StopUn-dee (aka Fedja)
C. N'Joy - I Need You [CDM] (1996)Cappuccino
Camarco - Everything To Me (Hold Me) [track] (1997)Schwarzenegger
Caper - New World [CDM] (1999)Dad75
Captain Hollywood / Tony-DUn-dee (aka Fedja)
Carlos Agassi-'Resident-
Cast Away - Oh Lisa [CDM] (2001)predato-lain
Ceasar Kane - Close 2 U [CDM] (1998)bobruslan
Champain - Wake Up [CDM] (1999)predato-lain
Chariff - I Love Your Smile (Rap Version) [track]zar
Charles Shaw - Does Your Mother Know [EP] (2007) (ITUNES)fancyi
Charles Shaw - I'm Feeling [CDM] (1994)bobruslan
Chazz feat. Coolio - Raise The Roof [CD] (1998)2x-Krazy
Check Da Rapper - Pennsylvania '99 [CDM] (1999)BaD_MaX777
CJ Massive feat. Cool James - My Past Away Love [CD] (1996)Sharpshooter
CK D'Nee - Booty Call [CDM] (1998)Lex
Classical Leader feat. KC - Why You Wanna Trip On Me [CDM] (1996)brother_bear_k
Clock - Oh What A Night / You Give Me Love [CD] (1998)blain mono
Club Risque - Beethoven Was Black [CD] (2012)smoke86
Club Unique - Just The Way It Is [CDM] (1997)Lex
Clueless - Satisfy You [CD] (2000)Cappuccino
Code K. - Sacrifice [CDM] (1998)bobruslan
Coma feat. LTG [2 CDM]bobruslan
Confidential - Heaven [CDM] (1999)Cappuccino
Cool JamesUn-dee (aka Fedja)
Credit To The Nation - Simsalabim [CDM] (1999)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Cruize Control - Your Night (Now & Forever) [CDM] (1997)Cappuccino
Curley Jay - On The Run [track]-'Resident-
Cut'n Club - Black Rain [track] (1997)Cappuccino
Cyfer feat. Jennifer Joy [2 CDM] (1999)Cappuccino
D.Clark feat. Russ Ballard - So You Win Again (Single) 1997Schwarzenegger
Da Bang Bros - Bing, Bing, Bing (Original Version) (1999)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Da Flava - Do That To Me One More Time (1996)Schwarzenegger
Da Flow You're My Heart, You're My Soul (Single) (1997)-'Resident-
Da RealnisSchwarzenegger
Da Score - Love Symphony (1998)Schwarzenegger
D'Adekoya - Rock Me Baby (1997)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Darkwind Beef (4 Letter Word) (1997)zar
Da-Vibe - Survive (Classic Version) 1998Lex
Daz Sampson - Teenage Life (2006)Lex
DC & Ace-'Resident-
Dean - My LifeUn-dee (aka Fedja)
Dede My Lover (1997) (FLAC)fancyi
Dee Smoove & Voice Delegation - 2005 - Classic vs. Hip Hop (album)PEA
Definition Of Colour Lady In Black '99 (CDM)fancyi
Del'Moon Project - This Is How It Feels (1999)Lex
Del'Moon Project Feat. Alumni - A Better Tomorrow [CD-WAV] (1999)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Device - What Is Sadness (CDM) (1990)bobruslan
D-Fact - The Finer Things In Life 1997Cappuccino
Dicek Nine - Last Christmas (hip hop remix)blain mono
Dis-Dance Featuring Vicky Sharp & Anthony Woods Heat It Up 1991Sharpshooter
DJ Mendez - Tell Me Why (2000)-'Resident-
DJ Tonka - Believe (feat. Whiteman & Kim Appleby) (2004)Schwarzenegger
DLP - Just Be Good To Me (Pump DLP) (1998) (lossless)fancyi
D-NightUn-dee (aka Fedja)
Doctor Delite Let The Music Play (1998)alex74com
Dodgers - California Dreaming 1997Cappuccino
Double Feature - Get Closer (Ooh Baby Ooh) (1997)-'Resident-
Double RC - Player In Love (Why Did You Go?) [2 Version] 1998Schwarzenegger
Dove - Don't Dream (Single) [1999]Schwarzenegger
Down And Under - Something Kinda Smoothalexoid
DPX Trick The Game [3 version] (1999)-'Resident-
Dr. Gee - HumanSchwarzenegger
Dr. No - How Do You Do (CD, Maxi-Single 1998) FLACpredato-lain
Dreambeat - When The Children Cry (1998)Schwarzenegger
Dressman - Can U Feel Dat? (Single) (2002)Q-map
Drop Zone feat. Embla - Just An Illusion [1996] (CD-FLAC)fancyi
Dusk & Dawn - House Of Rising Sun (Album Version) (WAV) 1997fancyi
Dusk & Dawn - House Of The Rising Sun (1997) (Single)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Eddy N. - Just Be Good To Me [CDM] (1996) WAVfancyi
E-LA - Never... (Nothin' But A Thang) [CDM] (1997)smoke86
Emanuel - Don't Wanna Say Goodbye [CDM] (2001)Cappuccino
Emotional Mirror - This Is My Life [track] (1996)Lex
Eric IQ & The Prophets Empire - Truly Thank You [track] (2004)-'Resident-
E-Street - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [CDM] (1997)-'Resident-
E'voke - Missing You [single] (1998)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Ex-Tacy feat. 6'4G - Night Fever [CDM] (1996) WAVfancyi
F.eared B.lack I.ndividuals (F.B.I.) [2 CD]Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Fargo - No Way Out [CDM] (1998)bobruslan
Fetch - Spiderman (Radio Edit) [track] (1998)alexoid
Flava - Summer In The City (Video Mix) [track] (1998)  Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Flava To Da Bone - Even If The Rain [CDM] (1994)zar
Flexx - Voodoochild [CDM] (2000)bobruslan
Flipsyde feat. Piper - Happy Birthday [CDM] (2005)bobruslan
Frankie Cane vs. Rashid - I Got 5 On It [CD] (2004)alexoid
Fredro Starr & Angelica Diamonds -‎ Shining Through (2000)zar
Free System - Tell Me [track]fancyi
G. Little Giant feat. Nick - Like Tears From A Star [CDM] (1999)bobruslan
G-Creatures - Why Can't We Live Together [track]RiperDiper
G-Groove - Everybody [CDM] (1996)Schwarzenegger
Garbo Talks feat. B.A. - China Boy (1999)alexoid
Garcia - Imagine [CDM] (1999)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Gazebo feat. Mr. Steel [2 CDM] (1998)PEA
Gee-La-La - Only You [track] (1997)Cappuccino
Get Real feat. Paca Davis - All I Need [track] (1998)Lex
Ghetto Peoplebobruslan
Girl Talk - Lover With An Attitude [CDM] (1996)-'Resident-
Green - I'll Pray [CDM] (1997)jeyz
Gridlocked - Pretend No More [CDM] (1997)Schwarzenegger
Griffith - Murderer [CDM] (1999)bobruslan
Groove Foundation feat. Linda Freeland - Aquarius [CDM] (1998)bobruslan
Groove Garden - Positive Energy [track] (1995)BaD_MaX777
Groove Lounge [2 CDM] (1996)Schwarzenegger
Groove Syndicate - D.J. (Make My Body Move) [CDM] (1997)Dad75
Highskool feat. B.G. - Dreams [CDM, Promo] (1998)Dad75
Hipnotic feat. Raquel Bailey - Wouldn't It Be Good [CDM] (1998)Cappuccino
Hollywood Blvd. - Stand By Me [track] (1998)Cappuccino
Hot 2 Death-'Resident-
Hydra vs. Kevin McCoy - Sadness '98 [2 CDM] (1998)brother_bear_k
Icy-BroUn-dee (aka Fedja)
Identity - Only Human [CDM] (1999)alexoid
Identity - Our Time [CDM] (1999)alexoid
Identity - Versatile [Album] (1999)Sharpshooter
In-Mood feat. Juliette - Ocean of Light [CDM] (1998)bobruslan
Innervisions feat. Jo Morrison - Per Sempre Tu [CDM] (1999)bobruslan
Innewvibes - Life Isn't Simple [CDM] (1998)Cappuccino
In-Touch - Message To You [track] (1994)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Invasion A - Protect Me [CDM] (1997)bobruslan
J.T. & The Big Family-'Resident-
J-Five - Find A Way [track]predato-lain
Jalal - Wind Of Change [CDM] (2001)fancyi
Jan Hammer Project feat. TQ - Crocketts Theme [CD] (2006)brother_bear_k
Jan van der Toornbrother_bear_k
Jason Homan feat. Coldless - How Dare You Do [CDM] (1998)bobruslan
Jay - Ach So Fromm [track] (2001)predato-lain
Jay Eye - Lady In Black [CDM] (1997)Dad75
JC Culture - Chase The Wind [track] (1998)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Jemini vs Solid Inc. - Love Is More Than A Word [Single] (1999)Q-map
Jonestown - Can I Talk [CDM] (2001)bobruslan
Jonestown - Sweet Thang [CDM] (1997)Sharpshooter
Jonestown - Take My Time [track] (2001)brother_bear_k
Jubilee - (My) Lady In Black [track] (1999)fancyi
Just 2 B - Gimme One More (Reason) [CDM] (1997)Cappuccino
JV - Time Keeps Slippin' Away [track]-'Resident-
K-GeeUn-dee (aka Fedja)
Keith 'N' Shane - Girl You Know It's True [track] (2000)-'Resident-
Khamissa - It Must Have Been Love [track] (1999)Schwarzenegger
Kidnapped - Heavenly (Rose Of Dublin) [CDM] (1999)-'Resident-
Killer - Bring It On [CDM + track] (1998)-'Resident-
Kirk Smith feat. Chic Virgin - Deeper [track] (1999)-'Resident-
Kolaboration Of Soulz - What's Goin On [track] (1998)Schwarzenegger
Kool & The Gang And Guests - Summer [track] (1997)-'Resident-
Kool & The Gang feat. Blazin' Squad - Joanna [track]alexoid
Krayzee [2 CDM]DownLowFunClub
Krazee Alley - Do You Know [track] (1998)alexoid
Krazee Alley - In Medias Res [Album] (1999)alexoid
L.A.P.D. - I'll Be There (1997)Schwarzenegger
L.A.Love feat. Zig Zag - Just A Little Party [CDM]bobruslan
L.A.P.D. - I'll Be There [CDM] (1997)predato-lain
L.O.C. - Bust It (You Know I'm Leaving) [track] (1999)Schwarzenegger
La Tour - 7 Wonders [track]predato-lain
LaCross [2 CDM] (1998)PEA
Leroy & Eddy [2 CDM] (1997-2012)blain mono
Limited Edition - There's Nothing That Compares [CDM] (1997)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Lisa Frazier - Heart Of Gold [Album] (2000)fancyi
Lord L-Sun - Murdertime [CDM] (1997)Dad75
Los Umbrellos - Flamenco Funk [Album] (1998)predato-lain
Lumberjack feat. Axxe - Paradisecity [CDM] (1997)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Lunaman - Nutcracka [track] (2005)Cappuccino
Lunatics - Caravan Of Love [CDM] (1998)rednix
Luniz feat. Spike - Crazy For Your Love [track] (2005)alexoid
Lyte Funkie Ones feat. Kayo - If I Can't Have You [track] (1998)-'Resident-
M.D. Project - Shame [2 Version] (1999)-'Resident-
M.O.B. - SadnessUn-dee (aka Fedja)
Ma Belle - Do It (Radio Edit) [1998]Cappuccino
Malaya - Tell Me Why (Lover Why) (Single) 1999Schwarzenegger
Marcus AnthonySchwarzenegger
Mark Morrison - Return of the Mack (Johnny B. bit ver.)jeyz
Marky Mark - Here With Me (1998) Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Marky Mark feat. Jan Van Der Toorn - Hey DJ (1996)alexoid
Massive Joy Feat. Yaffayo - Gotta Have U (1996) (WAV)fancyi
Massive Joy Feat. Yaffayo - Gotta Have You (MAXI - CD) (1996)fancyi
Mauro Picotto - Come Together (2000)Lex
Mayomi - I Am (1995)predato-lain
Memory Lane feat. P.M. Sampson - Take Me Home Country Roads (1997)-'Resident-
Mobbs IV Real - Missing You (1998)alexoid
Monsterrot - Stand Up-'Resident-
Moses Pelham Feat. Xavier Naidoo - Trust In Love 2000Cappuccino
Mr.Irresisteble - In The City (1998)Lex
Mr.Irresisteble - So In Love WIth You (1999)alexoid
Multicyde feat. Morten Abel - Catch Us (single) [2000]bobruslan
Multicyde feat.Anea 1998-2000Cappuccino
Mystery P. - Out On A Limb (Single) (1999)Q-map
N 'Time vs. Larry 'N Mike - What's Going On [CDM] (1998)alex74com
N-Trance - Broken Dreams [track] (1998)SLAVA_LIL
N-Tune - Everybody [CDM] (1999)Cappuccino
Nasby feat. O´D.O.C. - Sad Life [CDM] (1997)alex74com
Nastyboy Klick feat. Roger Troutman - Down For Yours [CDM] (1997)alexoid
Natural High - B Where I'm At [track] (2004)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Neverwood - Ghost City [track] (2001)Cappuccino
Nico - Celebrate Youth / Neverending Love/ You Are Not Alone (1999)vugarz
Nitebreeds - Baby, Don't Cry [track] (2000)BaD_MaX777
Nize Noize - Tell Me Now [CDM] (1998) FLACLex
No Face - Without You [CDM] (1997)rednix
No Fear - 24 Hours [Single] (1997)Schwarzenegger
No Means Yes - Amarilli [CDM] (1998)-'Resident-
Normal Generation - Song To A Friend [track] (1998)ulishustr
Norwegian Gospel Voices - I'll Be Good [track] (2002)-'Resident-
NuComers feat. K.S.T. - Take A Ride [CDM] (1999)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Off Da Hook - Off Da Hook [Single] (1996)BaD_MaX777
OlympX - Streets Are A Battlefield [CDS] (1998)Schwarzenegger
One World - Wonderful World [CDM] (1997)Schwarzenegger
Orpheo - Put Your Trust In The Lord [CDM] (1998)bobruslan
P.M. Dawn - Set Adrift On Memory Bliss (1991)brother_bear_k
P.M. Dawn feat. Ky-Mani - Gotta Be...Movin On Up CDM [1997]rednix
Pandera - 1997-1998 (4 singles, flac)PEA
Pandera We've Got The Power(MAXI-CD)(1997)(WAV)fancyi
Paris Red feat. Doctor Delite - Love Hurts (1997) (Single)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Party Jam Don't Stop The Music (1997)zar
Party People - Down Down Down (1997)alexoid
Party People - Free Your Mind (1996)vugarz
Pas De Deux feat. Windsor Robinson - Je T'aime (1998)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Poet - Rain In May [2000]Cappuccino
Preshuz T.Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Prophet G. - 1997 (3 singles, 128 mp3)PEA
Q-ConnectionUn-dee (aka Fedja)
Queen Pen - It's True [track] (1997)Schwarzenegger
Qwest feat. Shannon - Let The Music Play [CDM] (1998) FLACPEA
Rain'n Tears [2 CDM]Cappuccino
Rapit - Hold Me Now [single] (1998) (WAV)fancyi
Rap-Sody - You Dont Understand Me [track] (1996) FLACalexoid
Rapsodyz - All Nite Long [EP] (1997)Cappuccino
Rapublic‎ (CD's)blain mono
Rapublic - I'll Be Back [single] (2000)alex74com
Rapublic - Ti Amo '98 [CDM FLAC] (1998)fancyi
Rat House - Kick Da Vibe [CDM] (1997)Sharpshooter
Rated PG feat. Alex Prinz - U R The Voice [CDM] (2001)bobruslan
Ray Slijngaard-'Resident-
Raz-Ma-Taz / Ras MaTaz-'Resident-
Real 7 [CD + track's]predato-lain
Real Vibes - Believe In Me (1998)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Real Vibes - If You Leave Me Now (1997) (ITUNES)fancyi
Ree-Lax feat. Keno - Last Christmas [CDM] (1997)fancyi
Reflexx feat. K.T. - Day By Day (1998) [CD-APE]PEA
Reniq - Jeanny [CDM] (1998) FLACbobruslan
Replay - Stop Messing With My Mind-'Resident-
Rick Threat [Album + track's]Cappuccino
Ricky D. feat. Janina - It's Summertime [CD] (1998)alex74com
Ricky RicardoSchwarzenegger
RLC  [2 CD + track's]predato-lain
RME - I Dedicate [CDS] (1998)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Rob 'N' Raz feat. D-Flex - Mona Lisa [CD] (1995)alex74com
RobnRaz feat. D-Flex [320 ]alexoid
Rob'n'Raz - Circus [Album] (1996)Q-map
Royal. V - The Album (1999)-'Resident-
Royal.V - It's Good To Be The King [1999]Cappuccino
Ruback feat. Eric IQ Gray - Tell Me Why [CDM, flac] (1998)PEA
Rytmica - Come Back To My Life [CDM] (1997)Cappuccino
Saint Mack - Hold Me [CDM] (1998)Schwarzenegger
Salanee - Pearls [track] (1999)predato-lain
Salt'n'Pepa - The Brick Track v.s. Gitty Up [track] (1999)PEA
Sandman [track's] (1998)fancyi
Sandy Bee - It's Got To Bee [Single] (2009)Schwarzenegger
$cenic - All I Know [track] (1999)alexoid
$cenic - Broken Wings [CDM] (1999)SLAVA_LIL
$cenic - Party Right [CDM] (1998)dowob
Scorpio & David Whitney - Music Ist Color Blind [track] (2000) (FLAC)brother_bear_k
Seven feat. Spiderman - Crystal Ball [CDM] (1998)bobruslan
Sha'jae feat. Prophets Of Rage - Lovin' You [track] (1996)Cappuccino
Short Cut - Come Along [CDM] (1996)fancyi
Shortcut - Straight Physical [Album] (1996)fancyi
Shortcut feat. R.C. - Do You Really Want To Hurt Me [CDM] (1997)fancyi
Shy Moon - I Won't Let You Down [CDM] (1999)Dad75
Sign O' Soul - Don't Play My Song (Remix '98) [CDM] (1998)Lex
Sign O' Soul - Upside Down [CDM] (1998)fancyi
Sister DJ - Sailing 99 (CDM) (320kbs)fancyi
Six & Curly [2 CDM]Cappuccino
SKO - Best Of SKO [Album] (2012) (ITUNES)fancyi
SKO - Just Another Day [CDS] (1999)bobruslan
SKO - Show Me The Way [CDS] (2000)bobruslan
Smoke'n Fly - Keep It Real [CDM] (1997)Cappuccino
Smoove D's [2 CDM]Cappuccino
Snap! - Angel (Rays Of Love) [track]alexoid
Soldier One - Days At M*A*S*H [CDM] (1997)predato-lain
Solid Base - You Never Know (R&B Mix) [track] (1996)fancyi
Sonat ~ Discography ~Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Sonic Surfers - Tell Me [CD] (1994)-'Resident-
Sonny Jones feat. Tara Chase - Follow You, Follow Me [track] (1999)fancyi
Sonny Sommers - Hold On [track] (2002)-'Resident-
Soul Aliens feat. Yassi - Push [track] (1997)Cappuccino
Souldiers feat. Charles Simmons - This Is Not America [CDM] (1998)blain mono
Sound Of R.E.L.S. - Can't Wait [track] (1997)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Soundcage feat. Red Dogg - Ways Of Life [CDM] (1997)Dad75
Soundslike feat. Ricky Sixpack [track's]-'Resident-
Sozey - Little Dragon [CDM] (2000)alexoid
Spike - It Takes Two (Deeper Love) [CDM] (1999)rednix
Spike - Respect [Single] (1998)rednix
Spike - Responsible [CDM] (1999)Dad75
Spike - The Album [Album] (1999)Q-map
Spike vs. Nomad - (I Wanna Give You) Devotion [CDM] (2003)predato-lain
Split Personality - Questions - S.P Version [CDM] (1997)bobruslan
Star - We're Only Human [CDM] (1997)brother_bear_k
Strezz - Summertime [CDS] (1999)alexoid
Strike - I Have Peace [CDM] (1997)Dad75
Suncliff - The Rain [CDM] (1997)fancyi
Sunvibe - Dreamer [CDM] (1998)alexoid
Sunvibe feat. Ray - Sign Your Name [CDM] (1999)Cappuccino
Swad feat. Vince McClenny - Open Up [CDM] (1999)Dad75
Sweet & Sour - Ain't No Sunshine [track] (1997)-'Resident-
Sweet Connection - True [CDM] (1998) (ITUNES)fancyi
Sweet, Soft & Crazy - Sealed With A Kiss [CDM] (1998)Lex
Swingfly - Street Life [CDS] (1997)bobruslan
Sylk E. Fyne feat. Chill - Romeo And Juliet [track's]-'Resident-
Symphony's Street - Prince Igor [single] (2016)-'Resident-
Synclair & Wilde - Africa [CDM] (1994)Schwarzenegger
T.One - Somewhere Out There [Single] (1999)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
T.W.I.N.Z.Z. - Put a Smile On Your Face [EP] (ITUNES)fancyi
Tajai - So You Win Again [CDM] (1999)Dad75
Tamo - Never Can Say Goodbye [track]-'Resident-
T'ee - Love Me Tender [track] (1998)Cappuccino
Ten Minutes - Waiting For A Life [track] (1996)-'Resident-
Tender Touch [track's]smoke86
Tha Luna (From The Krazee Alley) - F..... Ya Girl [CD] (1997)predato-lain
The 7 Inch Project - All I Want To Know [Vinyl] (2000)predato-lain
The A.K.T. Aka Boris G. - Don't Cry / Hold On [CDM] (1997)Lex
The A.K.T. Aka Boris G. - Id Rather Be With You [track] (1997)bobruslan
The Admirers - Out On A Limb [track] (1990)-'Resident-
The Boyz - Boyz In Da House [Album] (1997)Q-map
The Boyz - Next Level [Album] (1998)Q-map
The Course feat. Spyte - Missing You [CDM] (1998)Dad75
The Golden Gospel Singers-'Resident-
The Jet Setbrother_bear_k
The Loft - Kiss You Goodbye [CDS] (2007)bobruslan
The Pirates feat. Shola Ama - You Should Really Know [CDS] (2004)Cappuccino
The Prophet feat. Kevin - More! [CDM] (2001)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
The Real Thing vs. Daren Deezer - You To Me Are Everything [CD] (2005)-'Resident-
The Sign feat. Samy Farag, Frank Natera - Reality [CDM] (1998)Dad75
The Sign feat. Snoeti - Rain Sun [CDM] (1997)fancyi
The Soul Power feat. Jay Glow - Soul Power [CDM] (1991)Dad75
The X-System - Tell Me Why [CDM] (1998)bobruslan
Tiger 1 - Tiger Style [Album] (2002)Q-map
Tiger 1 feat. Andra - Easy Love [track] (2003)fancyi
Tiger 1 feat. Elena - Pain [track] (2002)fancyi
TNT - I Like Chopin (Do You Remember...) [CDM] (1999)Dad75
Tone - Pain [track] (1997)Un-dee (aka Fedja)
T-One - Tom's Diner (Do My Thang) [Single] (2000)fancyi
Toni Cottura [Singles]Un-dee (aka Fedja)
Toni Cottura - Come Into My Life [Single, Promo] (1998)SLAVA_LIL
Tony Bond - Everything U Got [CDM] (1999)-'Resident-
Tony Scott - Please Don't Go [track] (1997)Schwarzenegger
Tony-D - Homeless [CDM] (1998)Dad75
Toy Shop - Freak Me [CDM] (1996)fancyi
Toyya - Tales Of A Pimptress [Album] (1999)Sharpshooter
Toyya - Uh-Ah [track] (1998)Cappuccino
Trey D.ProJoe
Tricky-T feat. HannaH - Fight For Your Love [CDM] (1998)Cappuccino
Triple Deepzar
Tripple Solo - If You Leave [CDM] (1998)fancyi
True Vibes - Hustlers & G's [CDM] (1998)Dad75
T-Street - Round And Round [CDM] (1998)smoke86
T-Street - Words [CDM] (1998)bobruslan
Twenty 4 Seven feat. Stay-C and Nance - Oh Baby! [CD] (1994)predato-lain
Two In OneLex
Tymebomb - One By One [CDM] (1997)bobruslan
U.T.F.O. - Lollipop [track]-'Resident-
Unique IICappuccino
Upside Down feat. Jivvy Dee - Funky Town [CDM] (1997)fancyi
Urban Species - Listen / Spiritual Love [track's] (1994)-'Resident-
VA - 100 % RAP HITS '1997 []Schwarzenegger
VA - All Times. Rap Melodies (2003) WAVsmoke86
VA - Best Of Black 98 (1998)Q-map
VA - Best Of European Hip Hop 2006Cappuccino
VA - Do It Again Vol. 5 (FLAC) (1998)fancyi
VA - Gangsta's planet "Rapsody", vol. 1-3 (1998-2000)brother_bear_k
VA - In The Style Of Spike (2014)-'Resident-
VA - Legends & Diamonds - The Dream Project (2011)Lex
VA - Mix For You - Rap & Soul Part 1predato-lain
VA - New Rapsody (1998)predato-lain
VA - New Rapsody vol.2 (1998)predato-lain
VA - Rap & Hip Hop Ballads Vol.1-21predato-lain
VA - Rap & Hip-Hop - Collectionsmoke86
VA - Rap ballads, vol. 1-2brother_bear_k
VA - Stars of Rap (1997)()predato-lain
VA - The Dome Vol. 1 - 10 ( Euro-Rap)Cappuccino
VA - The Power of Rap vol.4 (1997)  predato-lain
VA - The Rapsody IV - Overture (1999)predato-lain
VA - The Rapsody Overture Vol. 2 (1998)2x-Krazy
VA - The World of Hip Hop vol.1-2 (1997) & Black Pearls (1983-98)  Cappuccino
VA - - Rap Vol.1-16, 18-25 (1998-2003)PEA
VA - RAP, vol.2; vol.4brother_bear_k
VA - Schwarzenegger
VA - " " (rapsody.org.ua)brother_bear_k
VA - - Vol.1-4 (2000-2003)PEA
Valerie Dore - The Night (Black Beatz Mix) [CDM] (1998)predato-lain
Vanessa Aman feat. Da Smooth One - Wishin on a Star (1997)Cappuccino
Victoria Silvstedt Feat. Turbo B - Rocksteady Love [CD] (2000)-'Resident-
Vienna feat. Rod D. - Amadeus '97 [CDM] (1997)Sharpshooter
Vikki Moss feat. S.P.Y. - Lean On Me [CDM] (1998)bobruslan
VIP Allstars - Mamacita [CDM] (1999)bobruslan
VIP Allstars feat. Ray, Strezz, Orpheo - When It's My Turn [CD] (1999)bobruslan
Voice - Destiny [track] (2005)-'Resident-
Vollmond - Erlkonig [CDM] (1998)bobruslan
Vooodu - Confessions (CD) [1999]Cappuccino
Waldo's People - Pray / Watcha Gonna Do [track's] (1998)bobruslan
Will Powa' - A Better Way [CDM] (1998)Dad75
[X] Citement - Caravan Of Love (The Mixes) [CDM] (1998)bobruslan
X-Tra S.L.O.O.M. - In Control [CDM] (1998)Dad75
Xzibit - Paparazzi [CDS] (1996)-'Resident-
Ya Red - Silent Cry [CDM] (1997)  predato-lain
Young Men In Trouble - Love Is In The Air [CDM] (1997)fancyi
Zoo - People [CDM] (1998)Dad75
Zoo.M@tr@ - We Belong Together [track]alex74com


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