Goldtoes - Black N Brown Wanted CD1 (2011)

Tracklist:320 kbps
2.Goldtoes Interlude 1
3.Popped Up
5.Goldtoes Interlude 2
6.Cruisin Down The Street
7.I Won't Go
8.Google Deez Nutz
10.Goldtoes Interlude 3
11.Life In Da Slow Lane
12.This Is How We Do It
13.My Heat Go
14.What It Is
15.Hustlin On The Block
16.Goldtoes Interlude 4
17.Walk Dat Walk
18.Why They Hating
19.Goldtoes Interlude 5
20.Thought I Told You
22.Smoke Session
25.Goldtoes Interlude 6
26.In San Francisco
27.Goldtoes Interlude 7
28.Get It How You Want

Goldtoes - Black N Brown Wanted CD2 (2011)

Tracklist:320 kbps
1.Welcome To The Club
2.Across The Water
3.I Love My Life
4.Punk b*tch
5.Got Me On
6.Move It
7.I Be On
8.That One
9.My Everything
10.Waiting On You
11.Keep Yo Distance
12.On Our Grind
13.On My Way
14.Real Street Niggaz
15.Last One Gone
16.Hard For Me To See
17.The 17th Reason

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