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Nana Darkman - S.O.S (Save Our Souls)

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NANA DARKMAN - S.O.S (Save Our Souls) 18.03.2022

S.O.S (Save Our Souls)


Dear Sister, dear Brother,

According to the UNHCR, in 2020 more than 20 million refugees were seeking asylum worldwide...

The current occasion moves me to record a song. A song for peace. For all creatures of our beautiful world. The song does not serve to identify or condemn a culprit in the war. I have a lot of Russian and Ukrainian friends, business partners and fans around me and in my heart. For me personally, it's about the safety of all of us. As humanity. As a unit.

The song title is: S.O.S. This is a worldwide emergency signal (Morse code) for a call for help if you are in distress as a person or on the ship's radio. SOS. has now an established English abbreviation for Save Our Souls. (Save our souls).

The chorus of S.O.S. was sung by children in grades 5 & 6 of the Berlin-Birkenhain Germany primary school, and was masterfully completed with careful online exchanges between Accra / Ghana-based friends and music producers Samuel G and Nana Darkman (Berlin) with a London mastering.

60% of the proceeds from downloading and streaming will benefit the victims of Ukraine, and another 20% will be donated to victims of other wars. The remaining 20% is used for administration.

The following organisations will receive the donations:

Kindernothilfe e.V. Germany
Oxfam Germany
Doctors Without Borders

The following people / institutions have provided voluntary support so far:

SOS. Thank you list

God-The Almighty
Samuel G, Ghana (Music Production)
Anny Bohm (Recording Session Management)
Elementary School Berlin-Birkenhain (Children's Choir)
Parents of GS Birkenhain
Rap In Schools Berlin, Koray Kelahmetoglu
nji Music Box Berlin - (Recording Studio)
Fader Mastering London, UK
Kontor New Media Hamburg (Waiver of Sales Commission)
Tre 'Art' Davis, Paris (Video Director) (Music Video Shooting)
Impact Works Design Hamburg, Robert Stojanowski (Cover Artwork)
12. Phononet GmbH /Musik Promotion Network MPN (free samples to editors)

Every stream, play, download is your contribution to humanity.

If you would like to support in other ways, the best way to reach me is at info@nana-darkman.com

Thank you & Stay Healthy

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Извините конечно, но мне вообще не понравилось, прям вообще.
Заунывная, очень дешево звучащая песня. Чтение рэпа брр, ужас, бит, музыка напев рэгги - вообще как-будто диссонанс какой-то. Не знаю, неудачное какое-то у них с Сэмюэлем Джи сотрудничество, это пять шагов назад...
В коллекцию не беру  https://forumstatic.ru/files/0012/46/05/73691.gif


Видел анонс и почти уверен был в мощном, где-то жестком по лирике и эмоциональному накалу в припеве треку, а получилось ...  https://forumstatic.ru/files/0012/46/05/86722.gif

Вы здесь » Rapsody-Music » Nana / Ray Horton » Nana Darkman - S.O.S (Save Our Souls)