Tracklist:320 kbps
1.Don't Talk What You Don't Know Feat: Kokane
2.From Juvi to the Penitentiary Feat: Finagz & Volture
3.You Don't Know About Me Feat: Knoc-Turnal & Down
4.Pimp Feat: Suga Free
5.No Loyalty Feat: Kokane
7.Los Mas Buscados [the Most Wanted] Feat: Kilo
8.So O.G. Feat Bad Azz
9.How You Gonna Have a Gun Feat: 2nd Ii None, Kokane, Down Aka Kil
10.Get Your Bang On Feat: Down, Pokey, Loyal, Indio & Fingazz
11.Can't Stop What We Do Feat: Sen Dog