🎤🎤🎤Tracklist:320 kbps🎤🎤🎤
1.Socrates Drinking the Hemlock
2.Machine Gun Etiquette
3.Body Bag Philosopher
4.Papi Wardrobe
5.Witches Teeth
6.Latka Gravas
7.Danger Is My Business
8.I'm Thinking of Ending Things
9.Guilty Remnant Cigarettes
10.Don Eladio
12.Excuse All the Blood
13.White on White Crime
14.Battle of the Camel
16.Affairs in Order
17.Tell Gold to Hold the Boneyard
18.Duppy or Gunman
19.Angles with Dirty Faces
20.Murder Takes Time
21.Lloyd's of London
22.Digital Veil