Tracklist:320 kbps
1.2 Sides 2 Every Story
2.Commited So Deep (feat. Bacardi Riam & Planet Asia)
3.Fuck Cake
4.See The Light
5.Sovereign States
6.Ten Wheel Drive (feat. Ill Bill)
7.Heat (feat. Ya Boy)
8.Coneccion del Año (feat. Sinful El Pecador)
9.One Love
10.Surprised I'm Alive (feat. Chace Infinite & Defari)
11.Not Guilty (feat. Frank Black)
12.Decade of Dope
13.Life of a Drug Dealer
14.C.I.A. Murder Me (feat. Chace Infinite)
15.They Say Nothing
16.Chart Music
17.Grapples of War (feat. Donnie Castro)
18.Children of the Night