Big Tank - The Lost Files,Vol.1 (Streets Won't Let Go) 2021

Tracklist:320 kbps
1.On the Block
2.Streets Won't Let Go
3.No Games
4.Cruise Control
6.Lookin Ova My Shoulda
7.Do It Big
9.Where Would I Be
10.House of Pain
11.Same Ol Same
12.Swagga Juice
13.The Grind
14.California Bears
15.Lookin for the Freaks
16.Won't See Me Fall
17.Time Keeps Ticking Away
18.6 in the Morning
19.Shooting Star
20.Henny on Ice

Big Tank - The Lost Files,Vol.2 (Catch 22)

Tracklist:320 kbps
1.Between Me & You
2.Catch 22
3.They Know Nothin Bout Us
5.Like I Do
6.Take a Picture
7.Your the One
8.My Love
9.What I Wanna Do
10.My Girl
11.I Don't Know You
12.Into You
13.I'll Be Waiting
14.The Balcony
15.Ain't No Way
16.Woman Be Tripping
17.Whatever It's Worth
18.Put It on You
19.One Hit Wonder
20.Mi Estrella