Tracklist:320 kbps
01.Wicked Minds Intro (feat. Frost, Lil Rob, A.L.T., Slowpain, Woody Da Funk Meista)
02.California (feat. ODM, Frank V, Eriq, Woody Da Funk Meista)
04.Da Good Die Young (feat. Romero, Nino Brown)
05.The Unforgiven
06.Funkaholic (feat. Mr. Shadow, Woody Da Funk Meista)
07.The Greatest Pleasure and The Greatest Pain (feat. Cecy B )
08.Hate and Betrail
09.Hoodrats Need Lovin' Too (feat. Cecy B )
10.How Many Hoes You Know (feat. Lil Blacky, Slowpain, Lil Demon)
11.I Don't Wanna Be Here No More (feat. Cecy B )
12.Keep It Gangster
13.Let It Bounce (feat. Dj Carlos, Woody Da Funk Meista)
14.Murder Musica (feat. Clicka 1)
15.Nights Like This
17.The Unforgiven Pt. 2
18.The Eighteenth Angel
19.The Unforgiven Outro (Bonus Track) (feat. AC The Promoter)