Tracklist:320 kbps
1.This Is How We Roll
2.The Ride (Feat. Big Keez)
3.Suicide (Feat. Teaser, Ghost and Spanks)
4.Recognize (Feat. Ghost)
5.Retaliation (Feat. Payaso, Travieso Loco and Ghost)
6.Side To Side (Feat. Brownhood)
7.ES Mi Lado (Feat. XCite)
8.Southern Cali (Feat. Ghost and Monie)
9.Chronic Clouds (Feat. Big Mike)
10.Vatos Malos (Feat. Crooked Stilo)
11.Hood Hoppers (Feat. Westside Cartel Husky and Primo)
12.I Hate Ratas
13.You Can Hear Them (Feat. Sacriminal Jokes and Primo)