Tracklist:320 kbps
1.Stay Ridin' (feat. Guero Nastee & Munee)
2.Money To Be Made (feat. Lucky Luciano, SPM, Mad‐S & Munee)
3.Making Money (feat. Lil Young & Munee)
4.Pray For Them (feat. Guero Nastee & Munee)
5.Bury Me A G (feat. Lil Cuete, Robbs Uno & Munee)
6.Blame It On The Streets (feat. Baldacci & Munee)
7.What You Know About Us (feat. Estilo & Silencer)
8.Real G's (feat. Big Swisha, Criminal & Munee)
9.Still On The Block (feat. Mad‐S, Shot‐E & Munee)
10.The Highway (feat. Guero Nastee, M.A.G & Munee)
11.Grind Time (feat. Carolyn Rodriguez. & Mad‐S)
12.What I Know (feat. Guero Nastee & Munee)
13.Lay Em Down (feat. Lucky Luciano & Munee)