Tracklist:320 kbps
1.Intro feat-Annimeanz, Young Note, Diablo, Ese Villen & Mr-Criminal
2.Dreamin' of You feat-Mr-Criminal
3.Takin' Risks feat-Annimeanz
4.When We Smoke Out feat-Crazy Boy
5.Menace to Society feat-Compton Menace & Mr-Criminal
6.No Turnin' Down feat-Piez
7.Digno feat-Mr-Grandee
8.We Active feat-Sickminded Criminals
9.Free My Dawgs feat-Sinner
10.Fresh Out feat-G Rask
11.Soulful Bars feat-Annimeanz
12.Guess Who's Back feat-Bugzy & Mr-Criminal
13.All About My Hustle