Tracklist:320 kbps
02.Street Warriors
03.Lay Low (feat. Dopes)
04.Haters (feat. Steelow, Trucha)
05.Step It Up (feat. Dopes)
06.G's & Loc's (feat. Hyper)
07.Don't Get Caught Slippin'
08.Friend Like Me (feat. Factor)
09.Against The World
11.Blessed (feat. Dopes)
12.Trying To Get Paid (feat. Steelow, Silent)
13.Where I'm From
14.Feel The Heat
15.100 (feat. SickMinded Criminals)
16.Ponte Trucha
17.Lean Slow (feat. Steelow)
18.Like It Ain't Nothing
19.OG Click Sticks
20.I Just Wanna Party (feat. Dopes)
21.We Gotta Go (feat. Steelow)