Tracklist:320 kbps
1.Different Stilo Roll Call
2.Street Hustlers (feat. Sonek & Lil G)
3.Back to the Trap (feat. Spree & Toons)
4.We Cruising (feat. Brown King)
5.Take Your b*tch (feat. Sonek & Lil G)
6.Beat the Pussy (feat. Big Karas)
8.Ya Llego (feat. Vagabundo)
9.Who I Am (feat. Chuck Dez)
10.Estillo (feat. Street Soldiers)
11.F**k With a Hustler (feat. Spree & Lil G)
12.Guess Who's Back (feat. Lil G)
13.Califaros (feat. Toons & Lil G)
14.Concrete Jungle (feat. Wolfie)
15.Keep It G (feat. Lil G)
16.Bust It Out (feat. Vince Master)