Tracklist:320 kbps
01.My Criminal Mind
02.It's All Hood (feat. Dinero)
03.Killa California (feat. Tiny Loko)
04.Ride Out (feat. ALT the Saint)
05.I Got to Live My Life
06.No Gun (Skit)
07.Strap's Up
08.This Is For
09.Time Is Waisting
10.I Dont Want to Be You're Man (feat. Kozme)
11.She Makes Me Loose My Mind (feat. Kozme)
12.How High (Skit)
13.Cherry Bomb (feat. Dave Biggs)
14.You Never Know (feat. Kozme)
15.If You Want It Girl (feat. Mateo)
16.You Know How We Roll (feat. Dinero & David Salas)
17.Ride With the Homie
18.Death Is Part of Life
19.Stop Snitching