Big Gerb - The Best of Big Gerb (2016)

(Optimo Radio Presents)(Ознакомительные треки- урезаны)
Tracklist:320 kbps
1.Tha Real Chino Honors Big Gerb
2.Big Gerb Anthem
3.Looking 4 Someone
4.Big Booty Bitches
5.Not Feelin’ It
6.Death Gotta Be Easy
7.Eat Like Kings
8.I’ll Buy That for a Dollar
9.Never Seen a Man Cry
10.Im on Fire
12.All I Got Is Time
13.Modern Day Slave %*&#
14.Imma Playa
16.Spanish Bullets
17.Mom and Pops
18.They Want Big Gerb
20.Never Had a Friend Like Me
21.Pray I Make My Way Back Home
22.I’m a G

2018 - Big Gerb - Live Fast Die Young

Tracklist:320 kbps
1.Texas Hold Em
2.Hongree Mobb— feat. Unseek, Yung Surreal
3.Hard in the Paint—feat. Willie D
4.Something About You
5.Smile— feat. Astrid Nora, Spiktakula
6.Lyrical Boogieman— feat. Spiktakula
7.Like a Pimpsta— feat. Renegade, Yung Surreal, Dat Boi T
8.Hydrocodone— feat. Renegade
9.Game— feat. Spiktakula
10.Ear 2 the Streets— feat. Yung Surreal
11.The Love (Interview)—feat. Spiktakula
12.The Love— feat. Renegade, Will Lean
13.Life in the Hood— feat. Renegade, K-Rino
14.Hits from the Dabber

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