Tracklist:320 kbps
1.L.P.G. Radio Intro
2.Califa Thugz Part 3 Exclusive (feat. Mr. Sancho, Lil Bandit, OG Playboy, Royal T & Silencer)
3.Your Just A b*tch To Me (feat. Tha Homie Loccs, Lil Bandit & Royal T)
4.L.P.G. Radio Sex Talk
5.Fuck The Rap Game (feat. Juan Gambino, Lil Bandit & Royal T)
6.Taking Putos Off The Map(feat. Knightowl, Royal T & Payaso)
7.L.P.G. Radio - Sancho Talk
8.Make Love To You (feat. Silencer & DJ AK)
9.Put It Down On You (feat. Lil Bandit, Royal T & David Wayde)
10.L.P.G. Radio - L Boy and Snapper Despute
11.Sur Walk
12.Hate In Their Eyes
13.L.P.G. Radio
14.Ooh Baby (feat. Lil Bandit & Royal T)
15.Shake That One More Time O.G Playboy (feat. Royal T & Lil Bandit)
16.L.P.G. Radio II
17.Tha World Is Mine (feat. Los Borrachos)
18.This Is Lowpro (feat. O.G Playboy, Royal T & Lil Bandit)
19.Gangster b*tch Classic Lowpro Unreleased Track (feat. Proper Dos, Royal T & Lil One)
20.LPG Radio