Tracklist:320 kbps
1.Intro to Apakalips
2.Day Without A Mexican
4.All I Know-feat. MC Random
5.I've Done Dirt
6.What Not To Do-feat. MC Random
8.What It's Worth-feat. K.B. Imean
9.Last Days
10.Vice Grip
11.Told a Lie-feat. Diamonique
12.Pain-feat. Kenisha Greene
13.Judas-feat. Mr. Town, Che Skizza, G Dark, Kaos Brought, Big Fats, Mnaj, Joel Conner & Kokane
14.Music and Me
15.Under the Influence-feat. Skribbal & K.B. Imean
16.Beginning of the End-feat. MC Random
17.Dear Us