Tracklist:192 kbps

1.Los Mas Buscados (feat. Lil Man & Chito)
2.Get Your Glock (feat. Organized Cartel)
3.For the Ladies (feat. Organized Cartel)
4.So Fine (feat. Organized Cartel)
5.Your Lady (feat. Chito & Clever)
6.So Much Hating (feat. Spookie & Chito)
7.Memories (feat. Organized Cartel)
8.Won't Stop (feat. Wicked & Lil Man)
9.Make U Mine (feat. Selo)
10.My Back Seat (feat. Selo & Chito)
11.Cruisin Down Britol (feat. Clever)
12.Don't Fake tha Funk (feat. Clever & Chito)
13.Dog in Me (feat. Lil Man & Clever)
14.G'd Up and Blued Up (feat. Clever)
15.Wanna Party (feat. Clever)
16.Ghetto Stars (feat. Clever)
17.Die Muttafucka (feat. Striker & Chito)
18.Set tha Record (feat. Clever & Selo)