Tracklist:192 kbps

1.Keep It Playa (feat. Miss Money & Tiny Kurupt)
2.Freaky Girl (feat. Anita Blunt & Realaman)
3.You Want It (feat. Butch Cassidy & Mac Lucci)
4.Skit (feat. Bad Azz)
5.Money Goes, Money Grows (feat. Bad Azz)
6.Can't Hustle Without You (feat. Young Chokie & Eddie Cane)
7.She's My Lady (feat. Zig Zag & True Fame)
8.Love You Down (feat. Mateo & Roundz)
9.No Matter the Price (feat. Player City)
10.Pimpin in My Bloodline (feat. Shorty Mac & Yo Gutta)
11.Struggle and Pain (feat. Ant & Lil B Tha Grinda)
12.Sitting Here (feat. Rasheed, Ralph Rotten & Lyrik)
13.4:20 (feat. Anita Blunt)