Tracklist:320 kbps
1.Classick Varrio Music-feat. Big Demon
2.Life Seems-feat. Gremlin & Dlow
3.Monsters in my Head-feat. Sporty & Anita Blunt
4.My Survival-feat. Conejo & Michell
5Dios por Favor-feat. Sporty
6.Alot to Learn-feat. Loco Negro
7.Have You Ever Seen
8.Dont Test Me-feat. Guzzle, Sporty, Eyekon & Dlow
9.Set Me Free-feat. Kozme
10.The Bad Guy-feat. Dopamine & Dodger Blue
11.I Walk Alone
12.Night Time-feat. Sporty & Topper
13.Moving Big Dope-feat. Estado De Emergencia
14.Walk the West-feat. Kozme
15.Te Recuerdas-feat. Sporty
16.You and I-feat. Loco Negro
17.Brazos Cruzados -feat. Sporty & Topper
18.Open Up The Gates R.I.P Greedy