Tracklist:320 kbps
2.Creep N Crawl—Mr. Lil One feat. Triste, Doughboy
3.That’s What They Call Me
4.Ima Hustla— OG Gus feat. Mr. Shadow, Kokane
5.Entoxicated Domes—Drunkz feat. Mr. Lil One
6.Execute—Finis feat. Mr. Lil One
7.Next Up
8.Murking Season
9.Come and Test Me
10.All Around the World— Sam G feat. Mr. Lil One
11.Sicko Behavior
12.Luv Sick—Lil Grifo feat. Sweet E
14.Cali in This—Nes Kraven feat. Mr. Lil One
15.Phenom— Mentes Diferentes feat. Mr. Lil One
16.Thrill Me
17.Think Twice
18.Insomnia— J L.I.N.E.S.
19.Last Of Us
20.Verbal Abuse
22.So Sick— Dreamer, Mr. Lil One