MuSCLEHeAD ‎- The Return Of Bass (1996)
01. 1B9A9S6S
02. MuSCLEHeAD vs. The Humans
03. Bass Electro Stylee
04. Runnin' Thangs (feat. Just B. Cuz)
05. Jump On It!
06. MegaBlast
07. MuSCLEHeAD's Planet
08. Talk Bass and Die
09. Execute 'Em with Bass
10. Bass Suite V
11. Giddy Up Girl (feat. ShortBaby)
12. Plain Dirty and Full of Quad (MHMix)
13. Distant Bass Shift
14. Sweatin' Me (You Should Be With Me)
15. Woofer To The Amp (Bass Tester III)

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