Tracklist:320 kbps
1.Car Full Of Hittaz feat. Spooky Locz & Chary Locz
3.Brotherly Love feat. DJ 40 OZ
4.Narcotic feat. Yellez, Rado & Chary Locz
5.Know This b*tch feat. Raider Dee
6.Fun in the Sun feat. Chente Corleone & DJ Ryno
7.Holler At Me feat. Chary Locz
8.Real One feat. Miss Honey & Raider Dee
9.Where I'm From feat. Raider Dee & Dusty Locz
10.Another Day feat. Hawks & Spooky Locz
11.Trust No 1 feat. Trigga Boy Dee & Raider Dee
12.Never Fakin feat. Tweety Brd & Yung Rich
13.Rest N Peace feat. Samantha B
14.This Life Of Mine feat. Miss Honey