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Southland- 10 Years in the Game (2010)

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Tracklist:192-320 kbps
CD- 1
2.Southland's the Realest— Sleepy Malo,Mister D,Solo& Frank V.
3.Rolling Thru the Eastside— Sleepy Malo,Lil Kasper
4.I'm a Gangster— Sleepy Malo, COA Click
5.Should've Been Mine— Nate Dogg, Sleepy Malo, Mister D
6.Still Looking for a Firme Hina
7.Gangsters Get Lonely Too— Lil Blacky, DTTX, Sleepy Malo
8.We Make It Rain— Conejo, Mister D, Frank V.
9.The G in Me— Mr. Criminal, Lister Shade of Brown
10.Gangsters Make the World Go Around— Sleepy Malo,Mr.Shadow
11.Ain't No Sunshine— Lighter Shade Of Brown, Mister D
12.Money Stack
13.Bald Head Blue Rags— Solo, Sleepy Malo, Mister D
14.Homies in the Valle
15.Get Down Ese— Casper, Mr. Capone-E,Ese Trouble, Big Crook
16.Ese's the Deepest— Young Wicks, Fearless Crowd
17.From the P.A.C.O.I.M.A.
18.Southside Love— Kryptonite, COA Click
19.When I Get Lost— Ese Bobby, Eastside Valleros
20.Dead and Gone— Lil Sicko, DTTX, Mr. Capone-E, Mr. Fern

CD- 2
2.Southside Gangsters— Trouble, Rude Boy, Mr. Capone-E, Ese Bobby
3.Southside Riders— Mister D,COA Click,Frank V.OG Spanishfly
4.Let Me Know— Lil Blacky, Sleepy Malo, Mister D
5.Deep in the Hood— Lil Kasper, Young Stretch
6.Something I Love About This Life
7.Sexy Thing Like You
8.So Addicted to You— Mr. Capone-E, Angie B
9.Could've Been Your Man— Nate Dogg,Lil Blacky,Ese Bobby
10.When We Step in the Club— Lighter Shade Of Brown, Diamonique
11.You Don't Know Me Girl— Ne-Yo, Kryptonite, Mister D
12.I Want To Be Yours— Lil Sicko, Lil Blacky, Mister D
13.Para Mi Hente— Stretch, Pee Wee, Spanky, Sleepy Malo,
14.Gangster Life— Sleepy Malo, Mister D, Siete
15.Down for Life— Rude Boy, Sniper, Sleepy Malo, Mister D
16.Sniper Sniper Sniper— Ese Trouble, Sniper, COA Click, Ghost
17.Southland Gangster Click— Conejo, Sleepy Malo, Mister D
18.If I Ride for You— Sleepy Malo, Mister D, COA Click
19.Streets of Pacoima— Sniper, Illusion, Fearless Crowd, Shady
20.Browns on the Rise— Mister D, COA Click




Вы здесь » Rapsody-Music » Chicano Rap » Southland- 10 Years in the Game (2010)