Tracklist:320 kbps
1.Still I Remain
2.Walls Could Talk—feat. Lari The G, Young Trav
3.Wait a Minute
4.Purgatory— Conejo
5.Crucify Your Mind—feat. Triste
6.Day in the Life—feat. King Dom, CAE
7.Gasoline Matchez— feat. Nes Kraven, I-Suppose, Lari The G, Drunkz, Crhymes, Nina Beretta
8.Born to Be Alone— Villain One
9.I've Been Watching
10.Unbreak the Broken—feat. Ari
11.Cold World
12.Special—feat. Lari The G
13.I Wanna Rock—feat. Jot Flamez, Blythe
14.No Regretz—Jason French
15.Dancing in the Rain— feat. Blythe