Tracklist:320 kbps
1.Letter to the Streets-feat. Figz
2.Kill Kill Kill-feat. Mastermind Guile & Droopy
3.Can You Feel Me 2011-feat.Rival, Droopy, Scrappy
4.We Don't Live Too Long-feat. Droopy, Scrappy & Rival
5.Shiny Chrome 2011-feat. Mizmo,Youngsaint,BroozNasty & Rage
6.Late Night Rap Show-feat. Rival,Droopy,Lil Curse & Brooznasty
7.32oz Smashing-feat. Mastermind Guile.Figz & Brooznasty
8.Never Talk-feat. Mastermind Guile, Rival & Droopy
9.Mobbin' Wita Mug-feat. Mastermind Guile, Smalls Uno & Rival
10.Deep as Hell-feat. Mastermind Guile, Rage, Rival
11.Fuckup-feat. Mastermind Guile, Rival & Droopy
12.Opportunities-feat. Mastermind Guile & Mizmo
13.City Life-feat.  Figz, Stalker & Gangster Gadget
14.Belled Outside-feat. Mastermind Guile & Mizmo
15.For My Click-feat. Mastermind Guile, Droopy & Figz
16.Shout Outro-feat. Family