Brown Thugs - The Realest 2 Ever Breath  (2004)

01. Inmate Thug (Feat. Johnny Boy, Tiny One & Ese Spider)
02. Enemies In Disguise (Feat. Bouncer & Johnny Boy)
03. Game Over (Feat. Fly Boy, Johnny Boy & Tiny One)
04. In The Streets (Feat. Javi Loco, Johnny Boy, Tiny One, Ese Spider & Lil P)
05. Home Of The Brave (Feat. Johnny Boy & C Rock)
06. On The Map (Feat. Tiny One, Johnny Boy & Ese Spider)
07. The Way I Live (Feat. N.O.C. & Johnny Boy)
08. I Remember The Days (Feat. N.O.C. & Johnny Boy)
09. Hood Walk (Feat. Tiny One)
10. Just A Young G (Feat. Johnny Boy)

198-218 kbps