Tracklist:320 kbps

1.Ain't No Love-feat. Dee Cisneros & Tone Gunz
2.Gangsta Era-feat. Baby Gas
3.To Live And Die In The Bay-feat. Megan
4.Hate It Or Love It-feat. Tone Gunz
5.Reap What You Sow-feat. Dee Cisneros & Calle
6.Mind Gamez-feat. B-Dawg & Icee
7.Celebration-feat. Dee Cisneros
8.Playin Just To Play
9.You Holla Gang-feat. Rico 2 Smoove & Yung Cinco
10.Put On-feat. Tone Gunz & Young A
11.Took Its Toll-feat. Dee Cisneros & Tone Gunz
12.Game Gifted-feat. Gomey
13.Hold It Down-feat. Jay Lozoya
14.One Life-feat. Laced
15.Better Way-feat. Tito B