Knightowl - The Wicked West (1998)

01‐Now That's What's Up (Intro)
02‐Don't Stress (feat. Bokie Loc, Leicy Loc)
03‐Do It Knight Owl Do It
04‐Lifestyles Of A 'G' (feat. Big Syke, Krow)
05‐I Think I Better Warn You
06‐What The Fuck You've Been Thinking
07‐Toast To His Ghost (Interlude)
08‐The Baddest Mutherfuck With
09‐You Do You Think Your %*&# With
10‐Everybody Lockdown
11‐You Did Me Wrong (feat. Kozme)
12‐Who Be The Real (feat. Frost)
13‐From Diego To L.A. (feat. Dresta, Leicy Loc)
14‐Who's The Baddest Of Them All
15‐The Wicked West
16‐What's It All About
17‐The Wreck (Outro)

320 kbps