Mr. Knightowl - Knightmares (2000)

01-This Be Some Gansta %*&# (feat.Slush The Villain, Bams, Trumayne)
02-I'm Not Afraid To Die (feat.Lil' One)
03-Knightmares Performed (feat.Noble Of The Outlaws, Bokie Loc)
04-Mom's Wicked Ol' Son
05-I Wanna Fuck Me Some Hoes (feat.Slush The Villain)
06-West Coast Party
07-In Love With A Gangsta
08-Be My Girl
09-Victim Of A Homicide
10-Would You Die For Me (feat.Slush The Villain, Bokie Loc)
11-The Lokest
12-We Do This For The Streets (feat.Bokie Loc)
13-Bitches Ain't %*&#

320 kbps