Southside Riders Vol.6 (1999)

01-Eastside Click-Str8 Jackin
02-Lil Blacky-Duties Of Being Rich
03-Mr Shadow-Cant Hide From Shadow
04-Knightowl-Im Still Here
05-Triple C-For My Dogs
06-Wicked-Played With Many Minds
07-The Sickos-Im Comin Over
08-Clicka One-Do or Die
09-Eastside Click-Handing Out Beat Downs
10-Mr Lil One-We Ain't Right
11-Eastside Click-CO Giggilo
12-Lil Rob-Still Smokin Mix Pt1
13-Lil Rob-Still Smokin Mix Pt2
14-CLS-Back In The Days
15-Bokie Loc Ft. CLS-Till We Die

160 kbps