Tracklist:192 kbps
1.Intro Jam— Sleepy Malo, Mister D, Lil Kasper,  O.G. Triggs
2.Drama Dont Stop— Sleepy Malo, Erupt, Clumbsy Boy
3.Crime or Rhyme— Spanky,  Mister D,Ese Bobby Lil Blacky,
4.Where I Come From— Stretch, Sleepy Malo, Ese Venom
5.F__K You Up First— Conejo
6.Be Like Us— Stretch, C.O.A., Click, Mister D
7.This Is How We Ride— Proper Dos, Ghost
8.Kings of Underground— Lil Blacky, Young Trav
9.They're All the Same— Lil Kasper
10.Tonight I Came Home— Ese Bobby, Young Wicks, Eastside Valleros
11.What Will You Do— RODNEY O, Sleepy Malo, Mister D, Clumbsy Boy
12.Beware of the Blue (Part 2)— Sleepy Malo, Clumbsy Boy, Eastside Valleros, Ese Kilow
13.Outro Jam— Stretch, Sleepy Malo,Clumbsy Boy,Midget Loco