Lil' Solo - Still Standing (2008)

02-Gun Bustin'
03-Bonni N Clide (feat.Ms Clever, Mafia)
04-In The Club (feat.Danny Boy, Bago)
05-You And Me (feat.Mafia)
06-The Way You Walk (feat.Lil' Squirrel, Miss V)
07-Ride With Us (feat.Lil' Squirrel, Kaper)
08-Haters Smashin'
09-Gangster %*&#
10-Los Angeles
11-High Life
12-Gangster Party
13-Keep It Real (feat.Bago)
14-Ready To Roam
15-Life of Sin
16-Fallen' Soldiers
17-Kreepin' (feat.Lil' Squirrel)

192 kbps