Young Trav - Jakkin' Seezin (2009)

01-Things That I Do
02-Knoccin' Doors Down (feat. Big2daboy, OG Cuicide)
03-I Don't Salute You
04-Watch 'Em (feat. Lil' Sicko)
05-Dreams (feat. Big2daboy)
06-Inland Empire (feat. M1, Pure Uncut)
07-Hustle And Ball (feat. Hectic)
08-Riverside 2 Compton (feat. Big2daboy)
09-Best At It
10-Ain't Knowin
11-Move In Silence (feat. M1, Big2daboy)
12-Reachin' For Tha Heat (feat. Killa D, Mister 1)
13-Grew Up A Screw Up (feat. Big2daboy, Q Ball)
14-Thinkin' Back
15-Ain't Gon Do Nothin'