G.N.P Records - Brown by Nature (2006)

01-Sonny Black-Street Life
02-Clika One-Do or Die
03-Smalls (feat. Pablo X)-Fatal Attraction
04-Lil Gangster-I Keep It Gangster
05-Payaso (feat. Brown Boy)-Dangerous pt.2
06-Lil Rob-Mexican Gangster
07-Clicka One-Riding in a Low Low
08-Sangre Mala-Sangre Mala
09-Crooked Stilo-Callese La Boca
10-Mr. Shadow (feat. Bigg Bandit)-Gangstaz And Strippers
11-Clicka One-Late Night Creep
13-Young Sicc-Spread the Word
14-Brown Soldiers-Mi Fusca, Mi Ruca
15-Mr. Lil One-So Sick
16-G.A. (Feat. Christina)-You Know We Gangsters
17-XXX Sins-Sneak Attack
18-Brown Boy-We Representing

192 kbps