Bass Invaders - Lost In Bass (1993) [FLAC]
01. Lost In Bass (Three Dimensional Audio Test)
02. Bass Revolution (Techno French Version)
03. Bass-I Got It! (Miami Scratch Attack Radio Mix)
04. Welcome To The Future-Bass (Bass Lab Experiment)
05. Bass Invaders B.A.S.S (Mega Sub Mix)
06. Bass Attack (Scandinavian Sub Woofer Mix)
07. It's Time For Bass (Ultra Power Mix Dub)
08. Bass Will Conquer The World (German Tekno Bass Musik)
09. Hip Hop Bass (Sample Symphony Movement 48K)
10. Tune In-Turn On! (Hendrix Psychedelic Bass Version)
11. Sing It Now,Funky Music (Un-Edited Bass Vocal Version)
12. Outer Space Bass (Sonic Boom Woofer Challenge)
13. Virtual Bass Reality (SUBliminel messege Mix)

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