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Oside Blaze - The Lost Product LP(2014)

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Tracklist:320 kbps
2.Bloodshot Eyes — Oside Blaze, Madd Joker
3.You Better Know — Oside Blaze, Mr. Shadow
4.16 Rounds
5.Ask Me — Oside Blaze, Layzie Bone, deacon of tha chuuch
6.The Definition
7.This Ones for You — Oside Blaze, Richard Perdue
8.If You Say So
9.Its Been Such a Long Time — Oside Blaze, Layzie Bone, Mr. Shadow
10.The Moment of Truth
11.What's Next
12.This One — Oside Blaze, Noone
13.Everytime — Oside Blaze, S.A.D.
14.One Day — Oside Blaze, Emerson Windy
15.Lonely Road — Oside Blaze, Rocky Padilla
16.Blown — Oside Blaze, Mr. Shadow
17.The Real
18.Believe (They Can't Fuck with Me Official)


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Вы здесь » Rapsody-Music » Chicano Rap » Oside Blaze - The Lost Product LP(2014)