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Young Trav - Stomping Grounds(2018)

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Tracklist:320 kbps

1.These Rappers All Talk
2.Brown Superman
3.Stars Are Out — Young Trav, Bad Azz
5.What I've Done
6.Bar Exam — Young Trav, Y.B.V.
7.King of California
8.Stay Strapped
9.Live Better
10.Don't Test It — Young Trav, MC Eiht, Big2daboy
11.Ain't Nobody — Young Trav, Knight Owl
12.My City
13.Last Forever
14.Act so Brave
15.Get It on with Me — Young Trav, Knight Owl
16.Mistakes — Young Trav, Baby Wicked
17.Never Again — Young Trav, Y.B.V.
18.Never Listen — Young Trav, SinGee
19.Keep It Gangsta — Young Trav, Knight Owl
20.Rap or Die — Young Trav, Big2daboy, Y.B.V.
21.Throw Yo Hood Up — Young Trav, Big2daboy, MI
22.Protect Mine — Young Trav, Y.B.V.
23.Stay Alive — Young Trav, L-Boy, Stop Loak
24.All About Survival — Young Trav, Lil Sicko, Knight Owl
25.You Best Not Ever — Young Trav, Knight Owl



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Вы здесь » Rapsody-Music » Chicano Rap » Young Trav - Stomping Grounds(2018)