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Doll-e Girl-The Grind(2017)

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Tracklist:320 kbps

1.Welcome II the Grind
2.You Can Be a Hustler
3.All Day in the West — Doll-e Girl, SEVEN
4.Money — Doll-e Girl, Juan Gambino
5.East Side — Doll-e Girl, Baby Bounce
6.The Grind
7.Stay Loyal — Doll-e Girl, Cricket
8.Run up or Shut Up — Doll-e Girl, Huero Snipes, Trigga Happs
9.Critics — Doll-e Girl, Eric Tucker
10.You Don't Know Me — Doll-e Girl, Lyrik, Rick Rider
11.Hold It Down — Doll-e Girl, Eric Tucker
12.Rep Your City — Doll-e Girl, Eric Tucker
13.Kid in Me — Doll-e Girl, Angie B



good to see Chicano Rap
I believe this will be the next euro-rap
good news for us

it used yo be English and German  and lately Russian lately ( for eurorap)
now this Chicano Rap American (with some differ like euro) and Spanish


Yes that's right https://forumstatic.ru/files/0012/46/05/62717.gif

Вы здесь » Rapsody-Music » Chicano Rap » Doll-e Girl-The Grind(2017)