Tracklist:192- 320 kbps

2..I'm a Hustler
3.I'm Clownin (feat. Lil Blacky)
4.I'm for Real (feat. Espanto)
5.Southland Riding (feat. Mister D, Saint & Lil Blacky)
6.I Dare You (feat. Lighter Shade of Brown)
7.Hard in the Paint (feat. COA Click)
8.Daddy's Just a Thug (feat. Exit Life & Kaos)
9.To All My G's (feat. Mr. Shadow & Sonny Loc's)
10.714 Rider (feat. Pops)
11.Lost Kauz (feat. Stomper & Lost Kauz)
12.So High(feat. Willy Boy & Ese Demon)
13.Just Another Day (feat. Triggerman & Ms. Quick)
14.Who Could It Be (feat. Lil Blacky, Selo & Pops)
15.Cali Till I Die (feat. IceBerg, Poison & Chin Cheek)
16.Represent (feat. Lurch, G Locon & Ybv)
17.Sipping on Some Hennessy (feat. Maniac & Rest)
18.I Got It Bad (feat. Trav)
19.Cali Gee'z (feat. Blazer)