Tracklist:320 kbps

1.Angel Of Death
2.I Sold My Soul — Conejo, Los Tumbados, Phase Loko
3.We Riding Low — Conejo, Tattoo Ink, Bugsy 2 Guns
4.Boss Of Bosses
5.The Eagle Has Landed
6.# 1 Gangster
7.No Joke I'm A Fucken Slave To This
8.I'm Nothing With Out You
9.Face The Music — Conejo, Venom, Tattoo Ink
10.Streets Cold — Conejo, Frank V, Proper Dos
11.There Coming To Get Me — Conejo, Tattoo Ink, Bugsy 2 Guns
12.Sleep With The Fishes
13.You Could Get Got — Conejo, Venom, Tattoo Ink