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Dreamer Loco (2017)

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Dreamer Loco - State of Mind (2017)


Tracklist:320 kbps

1.Ima G
2.State of Mind
3.What Is My Purpose
4.It's My Time-feat. Luis Perez & Casiron
5.I Wish You Would-feat. Luis Perez & Lil Kartoon
6.Next Stop Hell-feat. Young Marciano
7.Don't Lie
8.Test Me-feat. Young Marciano & Billete
9.One Five Loccin
10.G Life-feat. Young Marciano & T Bone
11.Taking Over-feat. Casiron
12.Straight Trippin'
13.Prime Suspect-feat. Lil Kartoon
14.Texas Blunt, Pt. 2-feat. Luis Perez
15.Till I'm Gonefeat. Luis Perez


Dreamer Loco - Tribute 2 a G(2017)


Tracklist:192 kbps
1.Mexican Intro
2.Nawfside Flow
3.Gas Chamber-feat. Luis Perez Sozay
4.The Struggle
5.Cause & Effect-feat. Donny Kash
6.The World
7.Take the Pain
8.Gang Gang-feat. Luis Perez Sozay
9.Soldado Mexicano-feat. Murdaworth Mexicanz
10.Don't Forget It
11.On a Mission-feat. Lil Cas & Og Moe Money
12.Smoke Yo a*s
13.Cold Hearted-feat. YG Pelon, Lil Kartoon & T-Bone
14.Never Learn-feat. Renizance & Young Breeze Hernandez
15.Dreamer's Song-feat. Luis Perez Sozay & Unforgiven Records


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Вы здесь » Rapsody-Music » Chicano Rap » Dreamer Loco (2017)