Tracklist:192 kbps

1.El Rey-feat. B 4rm the V
2.Sickness-feat. Dee
3.Magik Valley-feat. B 4rm the V
5.No Soy El Tipo
6.Can't Fuck with Me-feat. Malakai & Live
7.Mr Majiko-feat. Curly Stone
9.Solitos-feat. Live
10.Todo Azul-feat. B 4rm the V
11.Enemigo-feat. B 4rm the V, Lyriko Estilo & Lyrik Dog
12.Drug Unit
13.Pastillados-feat. B 4rm the V
14.She Calls Mefeat. Mercy
15.4rm the Bloc-k
16.Lluvia-feat. Silent T & Chato Boie
17.La Tumba
19.Sur Lado Lado Sur-feat. Lyriko Estilo, Silent T, Fokus & Chato Boie