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Young Bandit-Cholo from the West(2017)

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Tracklist:192 kbps

1.Cholo from the Westfeat. Emilio
2.Chicano Rap 2017
3.Bangin' 2017
4.Verdugo Up-feat. Big Jeff187
5.My Ese's
6.Gang Bang 101-feat. Emilio
7.My Home
8.Streets so Cold-feat. Big Jeff187
9.Gangster Walk-feat. Big Jeff187 & Spatz 5
10.I Don't Give a Fuck
11.When the %*&# Goes Down-feat. Mistah Mando
12.Wanna See Me-feat. Big Lokote & Ese Mr.oldie
13.Bad News-feat. Big Lokote, Big Jeff187 & Ese Mr.oldie
14.West Wit It-feat. Big Jeff187
15.Rong Side-feat. Ese Scoobs, Snoopydoesit & Emilio
16.Still Active
17.Real West
18.Story's-feat. Tony G, Big Jeff187 & Dlow Flexxican
19.We Got the Streets-feat. Arodz & Grind Star
20.My Nigga My Cholofeat. Grind Star & Big Jeff187
21.Outta Control-feat. Bugzy Blunt & Emilio
22.Move Your Bodyfeat. Emilio & Mr Toks
23.Hypnotized-feat. Emilio & Mr Toks
24.Daddy Is a Gangster
25.Hood Music-feat. Cam Capone & Big Jeff187



Отредактировано Mishelich (12.10.2017 15:41)


somehow the tune like La La Land song

Вы здесь » Rapsody-Music » Chicano Rap » Young Bandit-Cholo from the West(2017)