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Capone-E-Sounds of the Southside(2017)

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Tracklist:192 kbps

1.Tyrant (Skit)
2.Gardenas Best Kept Secret (Cypher)-Mr. Capone-E, Tyrant
3.Cubs (Skit)
4.Where I'm From-feat. Cubs — Mr. Capone-E, Cubs
5.Jay Crook (Skit)
6.Canoga-feat. Jay Crook — Mr. Capone-E, Jay Crook
7.F'kum (Skit)
8.IE Anthem-feat. F'kum — Mr. Capone-E, F'kum
9.Wicked (Skit)
10.Southside Worldwide-feat. Wicked — Mr. Capone-E, Wicked
11.Enemy Skit Rats
12.Rat Bastards-feat. ENEMY OF MOSTWANTED & Rigsdog — Mr. Capone-E, ENEMY OF MOSTWANTED, Rigsdog
13.Clownster (Skit)14.Crazy Life-feat. Clownster — Mr. Capone-E, Clownster
15.Ese Bandit (Skit)
16.Hollywood Town-feat. Ese Bandit — Mr. Capone-E, Ese Bandit
17.Wreckless (Skit)
18.Gang Related-feat. Wreckless & Erok Hyper — Mr. Capone-E, Wreckless, Erok Hyper
19.Represent Your Side
20.Enemy Skit Es
21.Big Es-feat. Enemy — Mr. Capone-E, Enemy
22.Cubs Freestyle (Skit)
23.Cubs Freestyle
24.Oso Vicious (Skit)
25.From the Bridge-feat. Oso Vicious — Oso Vicious, Mr. Capone-E
26.Clownster Skit 2
27.Putting It Down-feat. Clownster — Mr. Capone-E, Clownster
28.Ese Menace (Skit)
29.Lomero Roll Call-feat. Ese Menace — Mr. Capone-E, Ese Menace
30.Colton F'kum (Skit)
31.C-Town-feat. F'kum — Mr. Capone-E, F'kum



this guy

sings too much songs
no time to rest https://forumstatic.ru/files/0012/46/05/52951.gif


he promised on an album a month. working. not tired, how he remembers so much)))

Вы здесь » Rapsody-Music » Chicano Rap » Capone-E-Sounds of the Southside(2017)