tracklist: 192 kbps

1.West Coast Party-feat. DJ Straxger & Agony

2.I Hold My Own-feat. J.Rome & Product of Tha 90's

3.Facebook Famous-feat. DJ Straxger

4.Lit up Radio Skit-feat. YCL

5.Pocos Pero Locos-feat. Danger-S

6.Homies for Life-feat. J.Rome & Ese Temper

7.How She Likes It-feat. Ese Playboy

8.Come with Me-feat. Hoobang & J.Rome

9.The Roll Call-feat. Ese Temper & Product of Tha 90's

10.Welcome to the Family Outro

11.Fantasy's Do Come True-Bonus Track

12.Popping Bottles-Bonus Track