Tracklist:192 kbps

1.It's Doble Filo

2.Soldier Salute (feat. Chino Grande)
3.Madrisas Y Balas — Mr Trippalot

4.Threat to Society

5.You Can't Change Things (feat. Dinero) — Mr Trippalot

6.Who's That Ey (feat. Risky & Shady Boy)

7.Never Enough (feat. Criminal Minded)

8.Real G'z (feat. Juan Gambino)

9.How Will I Go (feat. Risky)

10.Ride On Em (feat. Royal T)

11.Streets Are Watching (feat. Tiny Loko)

12.It Will Never Change (feat. Risky & Tiny Loko)

13.Do You Love Me

14.I Won't Change — Dinero

15.TonightRemix — Mr Trippalot