Tracklist:192 kbps

1.Planet Los Angeles-feat. Chino Grande

2.We Got It-feat. A.L.T the Saint
3.In My 64-feat. Komp

4.Living My Life-feat. Spanky Loco

5.Still in the West-feat. Huero Snipes

6.Loosing Control-feat. Kozme

7.Don't Kill My High

8.We on ItRemix;- feat. Spanky Loco

9.Can't Fuck with You

10.Probable Kause

11.My Feria-feat. Mr Trippalot

12.How I Do

13.Club %*&#-feat. Troublez

14.How She Make Me Feel-feat. Anthony Rey

15.Only God Can Judge Me-feat. Juan Gambino