Tracklist:192 kbps

1.Hi Power (Intro)
2.Hitting Them Streets-feat. Crazy Loc — Mr. Capone-E, Crazy Loc

3.Dynasty-feat. Miss Lady Pinks & Lil Tweety — Mr. Capone-E, Miss Lady Pinks, Lil Tweety

4.Sounding the Same-feat. Bozo & Miss Lady Pinks — Mr. Capone-E, Miss Lady Pinks, Bozo

5.Hi Power Story Roll Call

6.Can't Stop Me

7.Hi Power Over Everything-feat. Miss Lady Pinks & Tyrant — Mr. Capone-E, Miss Lady Pinks, Tyrant

8.Bow Down-feat. Mr. Criminal — Mr. Criminal, Mr. Capone-E

9.Standing Alone

10.This the Time-feat. Bozo & Maldito — Mr. Capone-E, Maldito, Bozo

11.They Wanna Joinfeat. Clumsy Beatz — Mr. Capone-E, Clumsy Beatz

12.What Happened

13.Hi Power (Outro)