1. Get Click Clack (feat. Glasses Malone & Lyrik Cruz)
2. Block Boys
3. We Keep It Gangsta (feat. The Stomper)
4. You Cant Stop Us (feat. Tripper Loco)
5. Wouldn’t Be the West Without Eazy E (feat. Jvoclz)
6. We Riding Slow and Low (City Locs) [feat. Lady J]
7. Aint Nothing You Can Do (feat. Madogg)
8. Old School Vato (feat. Blue Stomps)
9. It’s a P Thang (feat. Sleepy Malo)
10. South Side Love (feat. Lady J)
11. On the West Coast (feat. Slip Capone & Lyrik Cruz)
12. We Mexicans with Attitude (feat. Lil Vee & Dee)
13. Baby Take Me Higher (feat. Lady J & Hennesy)
14. Dedicated Bars (feat. Juan Gambino, Romero of Clicka 1 & D-Eazy)
15. Where Do We Go (feat. Lady J)
16. Your My Everything (feat. Mariposa & Lady J)
17. Murda Murda (feat. Lil Man & D I)
18. My Destiny (feat. Lyrik Cruz)